Weight Clinics

14th June 2012    |    Lady Dane Vets

There is much more available at Lady Dane Veterinary Centre than you might expect.

Free Service: Weight clinics

There is an ever-increasing obese and overweight pet population in this country. Being overweight can lead to debilitating, and sometimes fatal diseases.

Lady Dane Veterinary Centre provides free weight clinics to assess your pets’ body score and help develop a health lifestyle plan to keep your pet at their optimum weight. Read more about our nurses who run our weight clinics and some of our weight loss patients.


Meet our Head nurse: Jo Houston

Jo, despite her youthful looks has been working as a veterinary nurse since 1995. Over the years Jo has seen her job develop from that of humble assistant to that of a recognized profession. It is a role with many varied challenges, which is why she continues to enjoy her career. Jo has 2 cats, Little Legs and Wee Eck. Little Legs was saved from being put to sleep because she was so fat she was unable to clean her own bottom causing her stress and as a result urinating in her owners’ home. Jo’s personal experience with Legs and the increasing number of obese and overweight pets has encouraged her to become passionate about weight control.


Meet Willow

Willow is a 6-year-old domestic shorthaired cat who has been registered with the practice since kittenhood and has been visiting the practice for annual vaccination and health checks. In December 2010 Willow’s weight was recorded as 5.6kg with a body score of 4. Her owner decided to start Willow on a healthy lifestyle program. They started her on Hills prescription RD diet, a specially formulated diet for weight loss and Willow’s neck, chest and waist measurements were taken.

Willow returned to the practice every month and made good steady weight loss. Today, thanks to Willow’s owners’ persistence and determination she is a healthy 4.5kg and her owners report she is much happier and much more lively.

Meet Ben

Ben is a 9-year-old border collie who has been diagnosed with arthritis. His owners were interested in learning more about this disease so they attended our evening arthritis seminar in May 2011. Weight is a

major factor in this disease. Ben was booked for a free nurse appointment and started a healthy lifestyle program. Ben weighed 38.6kg and had a chest measurement of 92cm before starting his RD diet. 12 weeks later Ben weighed 32.95kg and had a chest measurement of 82cm. He changed to Jd low calorie (a joint support diet) and now weighs 31kg and is back to herding sheep!

Ben’s Mum’s Top tip: Use scales to weight the daily food allowance so there is no room for error.


If you would like to meet Jo or any of our other qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses to discuss any of your pet’s preventative health care needs you can book a free appointment with one of them through our helpful Reception team.