Top tips for the firework season

23rd October 2013    |    Lady Dane Vets

A list of tips to help reduce your pets anxiety during the firework season.

  1. Use Adaptil (for dogs) or Feliway (for cats) plug ins to calm and soothe your pet
  2. Build a den or hiding place for your pet in the quietest part of the house
  3. Walk your dog during the day to avoid fireworks whilst out
  4. Keep windows, doors and cat flaps locked to prevent escape
  5. Ignore fearful behaviour to avoid re-enforcing the behaviour
  6. Keep curtains closed and television/radio on to mask the noise
  7. Provide plenty of litter trays for your cat if being kept indoors
  8. Provide treats or new toys  prior to fireworks starting
  9. Don’t punish your pet this may make them more fearful
  10. Try to stay with your pet and relax as being calm will have a positive influence on your pet
  11. For very anxious pets speak to us about Calmex or in severe cases sedation
  12. Plan ahead for next year using Adaptil/Feliway and also desensitisation techniques such as the Sounds Scary CD. All of this can be discussed with us at the Lady Dane Veterinary Centre.

More advice is available on the Adaptil/Feliway website at  or