Fireworks Beware!

09th October 2015    |    Lady Dane Vets

As Autumn sets in we mourn the end of another summer, but our dogs have a very different concern ...... the impending firework season!

Give your dog a quiet place to hide at any time when there are fireworks or other loud noises. Keep the windows and curtains in this room closed, and provide a comfy bed with lots of blankets to hide under. We also recommend installing an Adaptil diffuser in this hiding place as a source of additional comfort.

During fireworks try not to cuddle or soothe your dog because this can make you appear insecure, and only rewards your dog for remaining nervous. You need to be a good 'role model', so stay relaxed and carry on as if nothing is happening.

Firework phobia can also be treated using a special CD. By repeated ly playing the sounds of fireworks, starting at a low level and gradually building up, you can teach your dog to ignore the noises. This takes a few weeks, but is quite easy. We recommend a product that includes the sounds of fireworks, thunder and gunshots because most phobic dogs react to at least two of these noises.

Please feel free to ask us for more advice.