Vaccinations for Life!

Fixed for three, the rest are free!

We offer a scheme at the Lady Dane Veterinary Centre to enable us to provide the dogs, cats, horses and rabbits of our valued clients with vaccinations for the rest of their lives at greatly reduced cost.

Currently, people pay a fee each year for their pet's annual booster vaccination. These are subject to annual price increases. In our Vaccinations for Life! scheme a one-off fee will be calculated to be three times the current annual booster price. This means that for the first three years the price of the annual booster vaccination will be FIXED and in the fourth year and onward it will be FREE to that animal for the rest of its life.

How do you know you are vaccinating the right animal?
All animals participating in the Vaccinations for Life! scheme HAVE to be microchipped. Horses must have a valid passport. For the purposes of identifying animals we are offering a FREE microchip .This will include registration with a nationally approved database.

When should I book the appointment for the annual booster?
Don't leave it to the last minute. Animals can get ill and it is not advisable to vaccinate sick animals. Ideally, telephone the practice four weeks before the vaccination is due and book an early appointment. This should allow us to rebook in the case of any unforeseen circumstances without exceeding the booster deadline.

What if I don't get my reminder?
Vaccination reminder letters are normally sent out from our practice between two and four weeks before the vaccination is actually due. Our system is good, but neither we nor the postal service are perfect and on occasion reminders will not arrive. We have to emphasise that it is the animal's owner who is responsible for the timing of any vaccinations, not the veterinary practice. Schedules for the timing of vaccinations are widely available through our practice literature. If in doubt, please ask.

What happens if I forget the annual vaccination?
If animals miss the deadline for their booster, a new primary course consisting of 2 or more vaccinations may be required, for which owners will have to pay. The scheme will then continue without further penalty.

How do I enrol on this scheme?
Please contact a member of the administrative staff at the Lady Dane Veterinary Centre for an Application Form. Once this has been received and processed an invoice will be raised for settlement. All fees for Vaccinations for Life! are payable in full and in advance. We are pleased to accept cash, cheques and all major credit and debit cards.

What if I change my mind?
There will be a two week period during which you will have the right to change your mind and cancel the Agreement. After this period we regret that we will NOT be able to offer any refunds. This benefit will NOT be transferable to any other animal.

What about visits and other fees?
The one-off payment for Vaccinations for Life! does not include the cost of visits or any other fees, which will be charged at our normal rates.