Isoflurane shortage

There is currently a shortage of Isoflurane, the anaesthetic gas which we use to keep our patients asleep for surgical procedures. This shortage is due to a problem at the manufacturing end of the supply chain and is nationwide.

Fortunately, we have secured a small supply of the gas for our patients, however we do not know how long the shortage is likely to last. Therefore we are taking measures to dramatically reduce our use of ‘Iso’ and save as much as we can for critical and emergency patients. This will include delaying routine and non-urgent procedures and using different anaesthetic protocols such as intravenous anaesthesia and sedation.

The following article gives a good insight into the techniques we plan to employ, but if you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the practice.

Please rest assured that in the interests of your pet we already use methadone in our anaesthetic protocols to give the best pain relief and reduce the need for high levels of anaesthetic gas.

Different anaesthetic protocols will be discussed amongst the team in the practice on a case by case basis and the most suitable protocol for your animal will be used.